Discover New Zealand

New Zealand

South west of Pacific Ocean lies a small beautiful country, a perfect family holiday destination and an equally romantic getaway. Welcome to the Kiwi Land, Welcome to New Zealand! Dramatic landscapes, Adventurous activities, concept accommodations, good food and a memorable holiday is in the stock.nz1


Best time to travel: November – March. It’s summer time in New Zealand and the temperature varies between 15-25 degree Celsius.

Things to carry:

Digital Camera: It would not be an exaggeration to say its mandatory to carry a good digital camera, HD Video camera. Besides these carry electronic chargers, adaptors etc.…

Clothes: Pull over jackets, dry jackets, swim suits, shorts, caps, bandana.

Footwear: Flip flops and sport/tennis shoes.

Skin protection: Sunscreens, Moisturizers.

How to travel in New Zealand:

The country consists of 2 islands, the North and the South Island. There is a numerous way you can plan a vacation like the coach tours, privately escorted tours, luxury coach tours but the best way to explore the country is by opting for a Self-Drive tour. NZ is left hand drive and you can drive with your International Driving license. For Easy navigation, you are provided with maps and GPS systems. It’s mandatory to buy car insurance.

If you are driving enthusiast, then NZ is the ultimate self-drive destination for you. Besides the car the RV’s or the motor homes are also popular in NZ. These RV’s are well equipped with comfortable bed, Bathroom, small kitchen and storage. An ideal way to have a home away from home experience. Self-Drive by car is most preferred, its romantic, adventurous and a visual treat.

There are numerous car rentals available from small cars to SUV’s. You can choose one as per your comfort and budget.nz2.jpg


  • Book your holiday in advance to get better prices and availability.
  • You must be 21 years old to drive in NZ.
  • You must possess an international Driving license. Your license must be in English, if it’s in any other language, you must bring the English translation with you.
  • A travel insurance is mandatory.
  • Observe the road code. Pull over, if there are 5 cars behind you for a good stretch.
  • Park at the designated areas and rest if you are feeling sleepy or tired.
  • Click lots of pictures and Videos.
  • Smile plenty, eat a lot and have fun


  • Don’t be late: For Coach tours, maintain the time table. Report to the assigned meeting point at accurate time. Delays in reporting for pick – ups result in delaying the whole tour.
  • Don’t park your car other than the designated areas, don’t speed or tailgate.
  • Don’t stop on the side of the roads to click pictures. The landscapes are magical and will tempt you for a photo stop, but don’t stop your car on the side of the road as its dangerous and against the law.

A Kaleidoscope of Experiences

A good tour should range between 14-25 days covering North and South Island and consists of a good mix of nature, adventure, food, wine, cruises and concept accommodations. It’s a wholesome experience.nz3

Nature: Driving in the middle earth is truly a magical experience. The pristine beaches of Coromandel are ideal for long strolls, sailing, fishing or swimming. The hot geysers/ Geo thermal phenomena at Rotorua and the Glow worms at Waitomo caves are splendid natural wonders not to be missed. A breathtaking helicopter flight over the Franz Joseph glacier is a sight to behold

Adventure: From the soft adventures of walking, cycling and hiking tours to the adrenaline gushing sky dives and bungee jumps, you have it all here. Jet boat rides, scuba diving, black water rafting in the Waitomo caves are signature adventure experiences of NZ.

Wilderness: From outdoor camping sites to whale watching and swimming with the dolphins to visiting the rare yellow eyed Penguin conservation reserves and meeting the Kiwi’s. Flora and Fauna of this place is varied and unique.

Art, Craft and Culture: A visit to the traditional Maori tribal village will provide you a good insight about NZ’s past, its deep rooted cultures and traditions. Napier a small town is known as the Art Deco capital, Dunedin is an architecturally splendid city and is a great concoction of nature and heritage. Besides these, there are numerous museums and heritage structures. For the fans of Lord of the Ring, a visit to the Hobbiton land is absolutely recommended.


Wine and Dine:  A foodie’s paradise!  New Zealand’s wine is much popular and if you are a true wine lover then you can opt for Wine trails and testing. Drinking Craft Beer is an ideal way to relax after a tiring day tour. NZ has some renowned cafes and coffee places. If you love organic food and produce, then you must visit the Farmers market and also buy the famous Manuka honey.

Cruises: The fjords are spectacular and Milford sound cruise is the most popular tour. You can also opt for a full cruising holiday.

Concept Accommodations: Besides the motels and wide range of hotels, NZ has some unique boutique accommodations, luxury lodges and holiday homes. It’s a treat to live in these places with the backdrop of stunning landscapes.

There is so much more to see, explore and discover. Pack your bags, as a wonderful holiday awaits you.

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