Myths of hair fall …..broken!


“What should I do about my hair fall?

My hair used to be really thick and healthy” 

Hair fall is an extremely common problem amongst men and women. The key question is always, is there really a solution to hair fall. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Hair fall is usually genetic. No amount of applications or pills can undo your genes. As a hair expert, I have no qualms in being truthful to all my clients and breaking the myth that they carry through various sources.

But we must not forget that your hair is the mirror to your health and well being. The moment you change anything about your diet or anything in your lifestyle, your hair will be the first to react.
Love your hair. When you love something, chances are you will care for it more than ever. Make sure to use mild, preferably natural products for your hair. Avoid using too many styling products too often.
Drink lots of water. You will be surprised how fabulous your hair will look if you up the litres.
Keep your vitamins, specially phosphorous and iron in check. Low iron levels leads to thinning of hair.
Apart from this, I am a strong believer of the ancient ritual of the Indian head massage. I oil my hair as a ritual atleast twice a week. The content used in the oil is very important, as it acts like food for the scalp and roots. The massage accelerates blood circulation and helps to strengthen the roots, keeping the scalp well nourished.
I hope these suggestions help you get fabulous hair, and save you from the stress of worrying about hair fall !

By – Sneha daftary, Proprietor, Vous Salon, Mumbai, india




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