Nirvana Fitness Explained

Breathing fitness to music solution

NirvanaFitness® is a unique blend of uplifting music, simple to follow Pilates/yoga exercises and rhythmic breathing to detox the body & experience the Nirvana mind.

NirvanaFitness® is a system that will teach you how to breathe correctly through a series of functional toning Pilates/yoga exercises, leading you to a slower and deeper daily breathing pattern (diaphragmatic with prolonged exhalation) that will replace shallow “default” breathing.NirvanaMeera3

NirvanaFitness® progressively lowers breathing rhythm from start to finish going from 12 breaths/min to a mere 4 breaths/min in the last Nirvana workout section. This increasingly employs the relax centres in your nervous system and efficiently slows and calms all the body systems, creating potential for regeneration through decreasing metabolic rate at all levels.

Breathing is the only bodily rhythm that we are able consciously control. Breathing is our gateway to monitor and manipulate body into calmer state of mind through slow, relaxed fully focused deep exhale breathing, completely merged into mesmerizing flow of uplifting chill out music.

Breathing techniques used in NirvanaFitness® are used & recommended by doctors worldwide with effects well documented within science. We took this knowledge and place it in the center of the workout and on the ground, into a group fitness class, which previously lacked to acknowledge importance & benefits of correct focused breathing.


NirvanaFitness® has proven great results in improving body cell oxygenation levels and conditioning breathing pattern to a healthy & recommended deep exhale diaphragmatic breathing with a conditioned prolonged exhalation creating “Conditioned Relaxation Response”. Effect known to meditation and techniques in hypnosis that produces instant stress reduction response.


Optimum oxygenation through Conscious breathing: We need to breathe more slowly and deeply in daily life. Quick shallow breathing results in oxygen starvation which leads to reduced vitality, premature aging, poor immune system and a myriad of other factors. NirvanaFitness® uses prolonged exhalation breathing technique in order to deepen breathing, slow it down to produce amazing array of benefits, including optimum oxygenation and deep sense of relaxation through conscious breathing.
Whole body toning & extra energy:Music, movement & breathing, all executed in one continuous rhythmic flow, producing feeling of super calm mind while toning up the whole body and charging you with extra new energy with the help of most efficient Pilates/yoga exercises.
Stress reduction: NirvanaFitness® conditions your breathing pattern to a healthy & recommended deep exhale diaphragmatic breathing with a conditioned prolonged exhalation, creating “Conditioned Relaxation Response”.
Happy hormones release (get “high” naturally): Endorphins released during toning exercises followed by deep exhale focused breathing are number one measure against all prevailing “burn out syndrome” looming all around us (statistics shows it is getting worse each year, causing depression, anxiety).
Control your breathing – Control your stress response – Control your life: We know how to breathe. It is something that occurs to us automatically, spontaneously, naturally. We are breathing even when we are not aware of it. So it seems foolish to think that one can be told how to breathe. Yet, one’s breathing becomes modified and restricted in various ways, not just momentarily, but habitually. We develop unhealthy habits without being aware of it.We tend to assume positions (slouched positions) that diminish lung capacities and take shortened breaths. Breathing is the only bodily rhythm that we are able to control (we have a conscious control over the nerve that controls respiratory system)

Nirvana state of mind (meditation effects)NirvanaMeera11

Consciously breathing for 55 minutes qualifies as a top quality meditation, focusing your mind on breathing and your own body through Pilates/Yoga style movement flow. This creates mind calming, like nirvana state of mind effect.

Rejuvenation (oxygen purifies our blood stream)

One of the major secrets of vitality and rejuvenation is a purified blood stream. The quickest and most effective way to purify the blood stream is by taking in extra supplies of oxygen from the air we breathe.
The breathing patterns used in NirvanaFitness® choreography are one of the more effective methods
for saturating the blood with extra oxygen.

Meera Nair IMG_5185

AFAA Team Professional Representative – South East Asia

AFAA Certification Specialist &  International Presenter

Nirvana Fitness Education Specialist & National Coordinator


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  1. so excited for my upcoming Nirvana Breathing Fitness Instructor Training this coming November 19, 2016 NES Lita Quisumbing in Muntinlupa sports complex.. 🙂


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