Ways to recognize a true friend


If you want to know whether your friend is true or not, ask yourself the following questions.

*Is this a worthwhile relationship? What valuing on an emotional or spiritual level is this person adding to me?

*Do I feel bad about myself after I’ve been with this person?

*Do I have to censor my opinions when I am around this person?

*Is there a fair amount of giving and taking between us?

*Is this person genuinely happy when I succeed?

*Does this person offer positive support and advice?

*Is this relationship effortless or do I constantly have to push it for things to work

It’s important to ask yourself these questions to de-clutter relationships if you

karma with them is over or if you are in a friendship with someone who isn’t

karmically connected to you.

Tamanna C is an Angel Therapist, Psychic Healer & Spiritual Coach. Being spiritually inclined, Tamanna started her spiritual journey at a young age. She has been featured in various magazines & news dailies and has been honoured with the Women’s Achievers Award in 2010, Best Citizen Of India Award in 2011 and GTM Holistic Wellness Awards in 2014.
Apart from spreading her work, as a Psychic Medium, Angel therapist, Soul Coach etc, She chose her next life path towards writing and spreading her  work. After channeling ,writing has become second nature to her, she choses this space to express the experience and connection with another realm.
To interact with Tamanna C readers can reach her at
Contact –+919833702262

You can now follow Tamanna on SnapChat for daily Spiritual Snippets. – ID-  Tamannac111


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