Take the plunge, buy that dream house now!!!

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain

Well these words from Mark Twain sure hit right at the spot. The yearning to buy your dream house back in India is constantly smothered by the cacophony of the ever changing market graphs, blabbering new channels, industry Gurus. In times like these we just wish we could get someone to guide us through. Hopefully the information below should do just that because deep down we all know this- it’s never a wrong time to buy a house.

Real estate expos and investors meet are trending in the present world. As the word implies the public display of properties, the real estate expos showcase inventories of renowned developers to its clients under a single roof. At the onset of the serene festive season Evente Clinic brings to you India Property Fair, Singapore 2016

Clients always have a handful of advantages from the real estate expos. Following are some of the favourable factors of a property expo that benefits the client.

Innumerable properties under one roof

Apart from the ordinary property hunts, where the client needs bear all the risk, expos will showcase countless properties to its clients under one roof. This wide range of properties in the expo will help the client in choosing the best within his requirements.

Professional advice to all your queries

In an expo, clients get professional advices and authentic answers to all the queries relating to the real estate sector with ample expertise of builders and real estate consultancies.

Introduction to extensive variety of properties

At a property expo, clients can utilize the wide range of real estate properties including properties which are under construction, which are ready to move in and ones which are ideal for investing. An expo will also feature properties with wide range of attractive prices so that clients can choose accordingly.

Build your network

Clients can engage in property discussions with the builders at the expo and create a healthy relation with the builders. At a property expo, clients can build new contacts which will favour their realty transactions.

Big discounts

This can be considered the most interesting part for the clients, as property expos will most often run with special discounts and amazing schemes. These property expos will also composes lucky draw contests for clients with assured gifts.

Overall, a property expo is an ideal solution to a client as he/she gets adequate directions and expertise in identifying his required properties and thereby exploring the wide options of real estate.

However even after listing the benefits of a property expo we must address the elephant in the room – Is this the right time to buy Property? Well the answer is not simple certainly but here is what industry expert and Managing Director of Evente Clinic Namrata Pandey Srivastava says “I am hit by this question regularly and increasingly as we approach a New Year and here’s what I think: cut through the noise and get the deal you want on property in 2016 -17. Because I believe that when the turnaround comes, it will be much sharper than anyone expects. And just like riding a wave what goes down always comes up, its nature’s law.”

 So gear up and rush to The Hilton Singapore, on the 20th and 21st of August 2016, get your dream properties!


Evente Clinic Pte. Ltd.

1 North Bridge Road

High Street Centre #11-10

Singapore 179094

Office: +65 6333 9671


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