Pioneer – Sarab Kapoor

Singapore-based celebrity chef Sarab Kapoor is the host of ‘Sarab Says, Make It Snappy’, a new television series airing on Zee TV throughout the Asia Pacific region. She has also hosted five seasons of the popular full-length cooking show, ‘Cook Love Eat with Sarab’, which aired regionally on Zee TV, and the short-content spin-off, ‘Cook Love Eat Bites’, which aired on Colors TV. The series was graced by international celebrities including Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna, Bollywood director and actor Mahesh Manjrekar, and the Indian Ambassador to Thailand, to name a few.

Sarab is also a prolific cookbook author and culinary writer. She has authored ‘Om Cooking’, a compilation of over 300 vegetarian recipes launched in 2002, and ‘Cook Love Eat with Sarab’, a collection of global fusion vegetarian recipes launched in 2012, that built on the success of her top-rating TV series of the same name. In addition, she has contributed original recipes to countless local and regional publications including Wine & Dine Singapore, India Se, Savour magazine (the house publication of Cold Storage) and Bollywood Inside.. She also regularly develops recipes for the monthly mailers of The Market Place, Singapore’s gourmet supermarket chain, and recipe cards for Cold Storage supermarkets.

In addition, Sarab frequently helms cooking workshops and demos for brands ranging from Williams Sonoma (in New York) to Pyrex and AOX alkaline water. She has appeared in several video clips and TV commercials for brands including Wine & Dine, Cold Storage, AOX Water and Acado Oil.

Sarab continues to teach cooking in small private groups at her home and in leading cooking studios around Singapore, including TotT and Expat Kitchen. She also facilitates cooking-based team-building sessions for multi-national corporations and elite special interest groups such as the Young Presidents Organization and the Singapore American School.

Sarab’s unique style of cooking and ever expanding repertoire of recipes is the ongoing evolution of her lifelong love affair with cooking. She started her cooking journey at a very young age in her mother’s kitchen in Mumbai, where her fundamental techniques were learned and honed. Her far-flung family ties in Bangkok, Jakarta and New York keep her abreast of international trends and constantly inspired and challenged.

Above all, Sarab enjoys connecting with her fans and rolling up her sleeves to cook real food. All of her recipes incorporate the wholesome ingredients, respect for tradition, regard for health, and lashings of innovation and imagination. Not to forget her signature not-so-secret ingredient – love.


Five Ways to Save Ruined Recipes

  1. Gravy or Soup too Salty ?

Add in some peeled raw potato cubes and cook for about 10 – 15 minutes.  They will absorb all the sodium. Take them out and use them as mashed potato dish

  1. Too Spicy ?

Add some dairy like sour cream . The milk  protein will break up the capsaicin

Honey & Sugar can also be used to cut down the spice level

  1. Too Sweet ?

Add some salt to balance out the sugar

Red wine in sauces like marinara  helps. The acidity cuts out some sugar.

  1. Scorched the Soup or Gravy ?

Immerse the entire pot in cold water. Do not stir. Ladle the rest out and will be good to go

  1. Bread tastes stale?

Wrap it in a damp paper towel and bake it at 180C for 10 minutes.

Eat it right away or blend it into dry bread crumbs

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