Budding Stars

My name is Vrinda Jain, I am from the United World College of Southeast Asia (UWCSEA) Dover, Grade 7.

I started learning Bharatanatyam when I was six years old, and since then I have always been passionate about Bharatanatyam.

There are many reasons why I love Bharatanatyam. The light movements of the dancer, the grace that is portrayed by the body and the many hand gestures that create a beautiful story.

My first guru was Bharathi Murthy who taught me for the first five years, in which time she was taught me how to control my body’s movements, use foot work and facial expressions. She was an excellent teacher who taught me with great passion & dedication and that’s where my love for Bharatnatyam began.

After 5 years of teaching me Bharatnatyam, my guru had to leave Singapore and move to Mumbai. She introduced a new guru to us Chitra Shankar who treated us the same way that Bharathi Aunty did, with passion and encouraging words. Before I knew it, it was time to do our first performance that would be devoted to Goddess Saraswati.

Years flew by, without me even realising. I had understood, learned and expressed 5 different dances. I had done 4 on stage and I have 1 left to perform. This year was something that I will always cherish and remember, as I performed at the Singapore Polytechnic, the Canadian International school, our condo Diwali function and 3 temples. It was truly amazing dressing up and always remembering those encouraging words from my gurus.FullSizeRender (4)

When I first started dance, I was the youngest in my class. I always felt like I wasn’t as good as everyone else and I won’t be able to control my movements as well. No matter how much I tried there was something missing, but I still kept going. With my parents and my brother besides me all supporting me and encouraging me, I started to watch dance performances and learn different techniques by watching and that built my confidence.

Whenever I perform on stage now I think about all the different things I have worked so hard on and all of the commitment I have shown my nervousness vanishes in a flash. Eventually I start dancing with confidence and grace. As I look out in the audience I see my Guru’s happy face, I smile and feel like a true dancer.

I also have other hobbies which I love to pursue.

In school I participate in various activities.

I am involved in Singing, I have performed in places such as my school and have performed in The Esplanade.

I play in the badminton school team, Division 1 and have played against schools such as UWCSEA East, NPS and OFS.

I am actively involved in Global concerns in school and out of school as well, I have been vice chair in two of my Global concerns in school. I enjoy speaking in public as I am able to share my thoughts and ideas that I have been working on with other pupils. I have been chosen to do a speech about children’s education in my school. This spot is awarded to only ten students in the grade, who our teachers feel are attentive and have a good body language towards the audience as they deliver their messages. The activity which I found I have gained most success in is undoubtedly my Global concerns. I love to make decisions and talk about them in front of others pupils, also creating fun ideas with others for fundraising ideas in school.

I also learn the Piano and am now in Grade 4 ABRSM. I find that the beautiful melody of the piano always soothes and calms me and helps me clear my mind. I have performed in a piano concert onstage at the Tampanies library.



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