The last but ONE….

Hello , I am one of them
One of those athletes , overlooked by the very people we trusted.
I am an OP Jaisha , I might be someone else later..
My story .. is here.
I stood on the track
A thousand eyes on me..
My hours ran in my nerves
My training brought me to focus
I wore the wishes and the blessings of a billion people
I ran for my country
No water , no concern..
A hazy track , a weakness creeping
I can’t stop , I won’t stop
A thousand eyes on me ,
A thousand wishes for me
I won’t let them down
Even if it kills me
42 , a simple number no ?
In Kms , or in degrees , I think not
I staggered and kept moving
I collapsed , my body couldn’t take it..
Atleast I crossed the line. I did it.
7 bottles of glucose
A block of ice ..
A billion hearts for me
Saved me from my end
3 hours , I was unconscious..
Hot as fire , cold as winter
A coach dismissed me
Left alone.
My life , my sacrifice
My hardwork , a waste
No concern , no water given
Just selfies and ignorance
The netas blamed the Federation
The Federation blamed the coach
I didn’t ask for water they said
They didn’t give you the truth
Tears came out , I couldn’t stop
What was my fault ??
Why are they attacking me ?
Victimize me for the truth ?
I hear people stand up for me
I am emotional , I am scared
I could feel , I could hear
I just couldn’t respond , I wasn’t able to even move
A small voice come up to me
We are proud of you. We love you. You are a winner. Our warrior. Our inspiration. Our wishes. Our heads held high. We are with you
Body and soul. Always
Newsrooms yelled at each other
Men and women with me
Bows to her , worship her Herculean feat.
We attack the apathy of this flower.
Finally , I will say bye. The health is too much to deal with. I will take 9 months. But I will be back. A winner never quits. Till my last breath passes. Because I don’t run for the Federation , for the government or for those officials.
I run for the people. For their heads held high. For their love
Anhad Jakhmola
Anhad is a 21 year old from India who is doing History honours and wants to do International relations or IR.
He loves  playing and watching football,speaking,writing,taking part in discussions,comedy,food,animals amongst others.

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