Playacting Drama Centre

Playacting Drama Centre was started in 2010 by Sangeeta Nambiar as a theatre school, to impart education in Drama and Musical Theatre. Up to date, over 500 students have learnt to love theatre through the classes held at Playacting’s Drama Centre. The centre has, in the last 6 years, done over 25 plays, produced an award winning feature film and 6 short films. Students of the centre have gone on to pursue a more streamlined education in Drama schools like SOTA. They have even been chosen to act in television serials in Singapore.  A majority of the plays performed by the students are original works, with a moral. However, later this year the students will also be doing fun and musical version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream, to celebrate the 400th death anniversary of the bard.

Playacting Drama Centre also prepares students for the Individual Acting Skills, Speech and Drama and Musical Theatre Trinity College London exams. The lessons are intense and give each candidate a high level of exposure to various tenets of Drama. Students at the centre have also been very engaged in creating thematic plays that centre around creating a change for the better, in society.

fssbg6Playacting’s next mega production is more than just a play: it is a movement – a movement that hopes to sweep through the world and create a positive platform for women to speak out. Finally She Spoke (FSS) is the brainchild of Sangeeta Nambiar who, after seeing and hearing many stories of suppression against women, decided to take a stand. Finally She Spoke will be a platform that will break the barriers of silence. The famous American poet and author, Ella Wheeler Wilcox said: “To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men.”  Truly, silence is a sin and when we stand by that sin, we are collectively committing a crime. This series of monologues takes various stories of women collected from around the world and gives it a voice. It is powerful, intense, witty. Unless we change our today, how can we possibly create a better future for our children? Finally She Spoke is Playacting Drama’s hope for the future of our children.

The play deals with various topics such as Child brides, Female Genital Mutilation, Incest, Domestic Violence, Sex trafficking, the taboo of sex, a letter from a daughter to a mother and some lighter pieces like Man Vs Woman, The Breast Chronicles, Menstruation and the Modern Woman, the scant feminism in films. Each monologue links to an NGO and what the audience can then positively do, to change the world. Starring 16 actors, each monologue is a revelation and a revolution in themselves. The play is a call out to everyone to become an ambassador for FSS!

22, 23, 24th September 2016, 7:30 pm, Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre.

For tickets:–finally-she-spoke.html

Or call: 64405756. 91071713




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