The art of spending alone time!

Our lives have become so busy and hectic that we just don’t get time to sit down

and reflect back at our day or life in general. Everyone I know including myself

has been complaining about how we just don’t get time. Now it’s also a

scientifically proven fact that after the axis shift that took place in 21 st December

’12, the earth’s rotation time has reduced to 23 hrs, which of course energetically

we can feel it, because we have an hour less. Nonetheless whatever the time

situation must be, it’s important that we create time for our self.

I often, in my personal sessions pick up blocks from people and a message that

they need to spend some alone time. I say this because; our energy is constantly

in motion. When we go to work, restaurants, malls, theatres, gym, yoga class etc

the energies there are always creating a ripple effect within our energy field.

Every person/ space we encounter holds an energetic value which rubs onto us.

Even when we are sitting at home, we are affected by energies of our house and

people in it. When our energy is constantly in motion, it means that we

oscillating at a very high speed. This does not necessarily mean we are in high

vibration mode. Now this is one reason why people have a problem focussing

and being attentive to. They could be physically present, but because mentally

they are oscillating on one speed and emotionally they are oscillating on another,

there is no alignment. They are unable to focus on what they are experiencing

physically. Just like this, we also go through similar patterns with family

members and loved ones, where there is no quality time. There could be physical

time but no mental and emotional interaction with their energies, because either

you or the other person is wavering at a different speed.

It’s important to stabilise these energies. In order to do this, you need to start

spending alone time, By alone time I don’t mean , sitting in front of the TV, or

reading a book or talking to friends sitting alone at home or even working on the

laptop. I mean just sitting in your comfort zone without doing much. When you

cut off from people and different spaces, you are allowing your energies to settle

and stabilise. It will initially take a while. It’s not easy to reach that point of

stability because you are not use to it. But one thing for sure is as you begin to

practise you will find yourself physically, mentally and emotionally more tuned

into yourself. It’s like pulling over a car after it’s covered a couple of hundred

miles. You need to let the engine cool off. Similarly spending alone time with

yourself is a cooling off period, before you get back into the high speed rut of life.

Spending time alone helps you-

*Be more attentive.

*Increase your concentration.

*It will help you organise your thoughts and also help you realise that sometimes

what you are energetically focussing on is not even important.

*It will help you stabilise your over all energies, so that over a period of time

with practise you are not affected to external energies so the degree that you

were in the past.

*It will help you understand what your emotional need is.

*It will throw light on your way ahead, from the point where you already are.

In fact spending alone time also helps you to strengthen your intuition. Only in

silence (external) we can hear the voice of what lies internal.

I know as you read this, you may get inspired and tell yourself that I am going to

do this and that to spend alone time, but technically may not be practical to begin

with. Like I said your body (physical, mental and emotional) is not use to the

cooling effect. So rather than jumping into extremes, I would suggest start with

spending 10-15mins a day, raising it to 25-30 minutes and when you are more

comfortable, you can always invest more time. If immediately you jump into

spending 30mins+ you will get an energetic shock which will make you even

more hyper. It’s like breaking the car, if you break suddenly from speed of 160

kmph, there is jerk or jolt which can cause damage. Before breaking completely

you need to slow the speed down as the process is comfortable rather than


Tamanna C is an Angel Therapist, Psychic Healer & Spiritual Coach. Being spiritually inclined, Tamanna started her spiritual journey at a young age. She has been featured in various magazines & news dailies and has been honoured with the Women’s Achievers Award in 2010, Best Citizen Of India Award in 2011 and GTM Holistic Wellness Awards in 2014.
Apart from spreading her work, as a Psychic Medium, Angel therapist, Soul Coach etc, She chose her next life path towards writing and spreading her  work. After channeling ,writing has become second nature to her, she choses this space to express the experience and connection with another realm.
To interact with Tamanna C readers can reach her at
Contact –+919833702262

You can now follow Tamanna on SnapChat for daily Spiritual Snippets. – ID-  Tamannac111


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