Story of Divine Raga

IMG_0330I moved to Singapore in the year 2003, a good thirteen years back in time. A full time job was not an option with a one year old, I debated on being an entrepreneur instead.

Being from a textile background, I had extensively worked with international brands and designers so had the expertise and the exposure to handle international markets.

Accessories was as close as you could get to continuity in the fashion industry and with a coarse in jewelry designing from my previous stint in Indonesia, Divine Raga came into being, in the year 2006.

Divineraga in its journey of a decade, evolved into a dream and passion for me to create Silver Jewelry pieces both traditional and contemporary in nature.


“I have the simplest tastes,

I’m satisfied with the best”

Oscar Wilde

The above lines best describe the ethos behind the label. Keeping the designs simple yet traditional with a modern twist is the key to my designs. As a jewelry designer cum proprietor of Divine Raga,  the history of jewelry in India is an inexhaustible source  of inspiration for me. Each piece designed, has been inspired by either the tribes of India… Rajasthan, Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh, or from Temple Jewelry from southern parts of India, which was jewelry used to adorn the idols of gods and goddesses. The divinity collection being inspired by the ‘divine forms’ themselves.IMG_2260

Stone encrusted jewelry for the modern pieces inspired from the pieces found in different eras and antique pieces in its original form or redesigned with inspiration taken from not just parts of India but Central Asia as well, to suit modern wearability,

are all part of the lines created by the label.

Recently the label has gained prominence and has also become part of the prestigious Fashion Design council of India ( FDCI). This platform has helped the label grow multi fold and be recognized over the last year with an outreach not just to south east Asia but to the west as well.

As a designer my endeavor is not just to adorn women beautifully but to also reach out to them and empower them as well. In our workshops we create work for women and also assist them in their daily existence and livelihood.

In Singapore too I actively support Project Smile, a Singapore Charity which tirelessly works to empower women. This year we hosted  the second fundraiser on the 1st of September, I worked with a co designer with the sole objective of raising funds for them through the sale of my pieces, which in turn will be used to benefit the women under the care of Project Smile.



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