Renowned Yoga and Meditation Guru, Dr Omanandji, in Singapore

Sometimes in life, although we seem to have everything going well for us, we still feel something is amiss. This missing link is usually the connection to our deeper self and its connection with the greater universe. Through this understanding, many of life’s complex questions find answers.

Abha, the owner and director of Mind Body Symphony, brought renowned Yoga Guru Dr gurujis-photoOmanandji, to Singapore to benefit seekers in their journey of self-realisation. The workshops were hosted on a philanthropic basis with the focus on equipping different segments of the Singapore population with effective techniques of managing their life challenges. Most of the seekers learnt something important and life changing from Guruji.

Guruji guided seekers in his introductory workshop at Katong Park Towers about “What do we really want in life?” He answered different queries of the participants like, “What’s the purpose of our life?” as well as “How to stabilize the wanderings of the monkey mind?” With a simple meditation technique involving the clapping of hands, he led all of the attendees to a deeper realm of inner bliss, which was very different from the mundane world. Dr.Uma Rajan, the Guest of Honor related later that it was her first time she had such an amazing experience.

yoga-therapy-workshopGuruji guided a unique laughter yoga and meditation session at the 100 Plus Promenade, Singapore Sports Hub, on Sunday August 28th, where laughter and tears amalgamated and brought deeper relaxation. Guruji says that suppression of emotions leads to depression and everyday we should laugh for atleast 3 minutes.

lakshmi-narayan-templeLater in the day, he spoke on the lessons that we can get from Bhagwad Gita at the Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Chander Road, Singapore. Hundreds of devotees benefitted from the words of wisdom and also experienced divine sensations during deep meditation.

quantum-intelligence-1“Quantum Intelligence” a workshop for young adults, received great reviews from the leaders of tomorrow. Guruji taught them techniques to filter the information overload and incorporate 24 minutes of yoga and meditation in to their daily routine to improve their concentration, overcome fears and anxiety, improve self awareness and the ability to discriminate between what is useful and what is popular trend.

sp-jain-2SP JAIN School of Global Management organised “Stress Management for better Management” workshop for their students and staff members. They found it very effective and even asked for an ongoing meditation program for their students.

yoga-by-the-bayIn another workshop at Vyasa Yoga Singapore, Guruji explained to a houseful of yoga aspirants and teachers, the ancient Vedic knowledge about five different bodies that all of us possess. According to the Upanishadas, our five senses rule our body and mind rules our senses. If we are able to bring our mind under control, we can experience inner bliss and understand the difference in temporary happiness, which we derive through sense gratification and eternal bliss. Mind, as per Guruji, is the best servant, but the worst master.

Guruji says that a normal person gets approximately 24,600 thoughts to 60,000 thoughts per day and most of these thoughts are nothing but mental garbage. Brain activity during these thoughts stays very high and is measured as Beta waves. During meditation, however, it is possible to bring the brain waves to the level of waves in deep sleep where the mind is completely relaxed. These are Delta waves, which bring calmness and deep relaxation. Diseases, according to him, first appear on the mental plane when we keep on brooding over unnecessary thoughts and later they manifest as physical body disorders. He says DIS-EASE is disease. No relaxation is “Tension” and Liberation is “Freedom’ from the fluctuations of the mind.

Some reviews of Guruji’s workshops:

“I felt good and no thoughts were coming in my mind when Guruji was talking. I felt clapping hands really made my body lighter. Laughing yoga was too good as it released all my stress. I found it difficult to laugh for the first five minutes. After that, it came so naturally that I felt I had never laughed so hard before. It was a very peaceful session and felt good.”

Guruji had an amazing voice and presentation style. The session was well paced and supportive. I enjoyed learning about meditation. It was actually the first time I tried ‘meditation’ and I must say it turned out to be a wonderful introduction to this genre.”


“It was a blissful experience. I felt quite disconnected from the world and strongly connected within. I was extremely refreshed post meditation.”

Abha Bajaj is the Owner and Director of Mind Body Symphony
She is advanced Yoga trainer and therapist, Abha conducts freelance Yoga and Meditation training.
Contact details:
Mobile – 9829 7361






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