IMG_4665The Spring ‘Buzzar’ an event synonymous with festivity and wellbeing was held at Holiday Inn, Orchard on the 10th March, 2017 at 10am. The event was inaugurated by Ms. Gauri Shrivastava Gupta, accomplished theatre artist, playwright, producer, Director.

It was, like always, a kaleidoscope of Music, Colors, Textures, Scents and Smiles, where moments were cherished, friendships cultivated and memories forged  to last a lifetime.

IMG_4662The Buzzar” an initiative for the community   had over 7000 guests and partners at the event. In line with Its vision, the event  further integrated the people of Singapore, share and appreciate diverse cultures and at the same time provided a platform to numerous young enterprising women, from Singapore and India, to showcase and market their products.


The Buzzar with over 60 exhibitors from Singapore and Southeast Asia had the Crystal ballroom dedicated to all its patrons and guests.

IMG_4669The all women’s team behind the “BUZZAR”, were drawn together because they shared a common sentiment. Each had in their own unique way, found in Singapore, a loving home and a platform for realising their hopes and aspirations. They came up with the idea for this event to, in their turn, create a place for women to meet, find encouragement and start their own journeys towards ‘resilience through enterprise’ in Singapore.

IMG_4663To add to more fun elements to this shopping festival there were other exciting activities such as; all day Raffles  with fabulous prizes and cash vouchers, diamond pendant, Pearl sets, unconditional 100$ vouchers to buy Jewelry & Dine out, Movie Tickets & Gift Cards,  Silver Coins & a showcase  of  talent with ladies performing in a flash mob with confidence, a professional dancer danced to the beats of Bollywood, book signing by a prominent writer,  yoga tips and detoxifying techniques, laughter Therapy, a customized photo booth with stellar piece creating an aura of elegance, We also  had Singapore’s four most  celebrated Artists Showcasing their  Artwork and our photographers covering all this and more.

b1In keeping up with the Spring festival of colors,Holi – Meethai ,thandai and Wine were served on the house.

None of us got to where we are alone.
You have been A great support of our Passion and Dream the
#Buzzar- A Reason To Celebrate
Our mission is not merely to have an event , but to celebrate & make it an experience


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