Three hidden gem board-games that we love playing

Here are some games that are innovative, unusual and have that ‘off-the-beaten-track’ charm that are also, in our opinion, extremely entertaining and deep:

Compounded (BGG Rank 1020)


“I made Formaldehyde Daddy!” exclaimed my 9 year old daughter and then she held out her hand “See I have one Carbon, one Hydrogen and two Oxygen. I get six points, move me to atomic number 48, Cadmium, please!”

Compounded is a fun, Chemistry themed, strategy board game for up to five players. The players play the role of scientists working in a lab trying to formulate certain compounds to earn points. The point track is represented by the Periodic table, replete with chemical names and atomic weights.

The game’s production quality is top-notch with color-coded plastic gems representing the various elements used in the lab along side equipment such as safety goggles, pipettes, Bunsen burners and the ever important Fire-extinguishers.


Sanssouci (BGG Rank 1271)


Here’s a game that has the player’s play the roles of gardeners tasked with tending the majestic grounds of the Sanssouci palace. Sanssouci is the historical summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, located near Berlin. It considered to be the German rival to the French palace of Versailles.

In the game, the players must decorate their gardens with arches, gazebos, carvings, fountains and mazes to impress the strolling nobles and win the favor of the king. Each player play’s on their own board and while the game does not feel competitive there is a lot of thinking necessary.

It is easy for players to work themselves into tight corners and fall hopelessly behind without careful planning.


Lotus (BGG Rank 1674)


Like the other games in this list Lotus is a beautiful and unusual game. However, unlike the other games in this list, Lotus is a very competitive game.

In this game every session evolves as gracefully as the onset of spring. Beautiful flowers form on the table, petal by petal, and invite caterpillars, butterflies, ladybugs and dragon flies.

This beauty does not evoke tranquility as the player compete to be the ones to claim the flowers for themselves. It is a game that has quickly become the family favorite with its short playtime and invigorating play style.

That’s all for this post folks. I hope you enjoy discovering these games on your own tables.

Siddharth Jain is a technology and gadget-geek and the Chief Creative Director of Singaporean Edtech company Playware Studios the makers of the games-for-learning platform.


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