Writing is not one of my choicest ways of expressing myself. It has never been. I have always wanted my work, my pieces to speak for me, not my words, either written or spoken. I find solace when I travel back in time, through my pieces that are time capsules in their own right. Having transcended from another era, another time, another space, another generation. They are mysterious, they are intriguing. I’m drawn towards them like they have a story for me that I must hear. Which is how Prakalyam Gallery came about. I was actually scouting for pieces when I was doing my own home. But the process was mighty addictive and I couldn’t stop even after I had finished doing up my dream house.

Prakalyam Gallery was the result of this addiction. Fortunately, there was hardly anybody dabbling into the space of colonial Indian antiques. There were several businesses focussing on Oriental antiques but barely anyone doing Indian ones. Which was a pity as there is a treasure trove of fine Indian antiques of unspeakable class and elegance. Converting your passion into a business model that’s commercially viable is not always easy, and like all entrepreneurs, I did make mistakes early on. Luckily, I learnt from them.¬† Today, I’m proud of the fact that¬†Prakalyam 2
Gallery is a name that connoisseurs and art aficionados are familiar with. It is a name that people have come to expect as curating some of the best, rare master pieces from the bygone era. It is a laborious task, looking for gems in dusty lanes and sleepy villages, authenticating them, restoring them and transporting them safely to Singapore. But if things were so simple and out on a platter, would I enjoy it as much?

Would I feel as accomplished, as content? I doubt


06-10 Tannery Block

Ruby Industrial complex

35 Tannery Road Singapore 347740

M +65 9008 3979

Find us on Facebook/PrakalyamGallery



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