Utsav Change Maker- Prachi Saini

Patience, persistence and perspiration – an unbeatable combination for a fragrance of success

Prachi Saini, a graduate in Architecture from IIT Roorkee, reached USA in 2001 without many dreams, apart from getting married to the one she loved and with the hopes  of travelling to other countries.

Just like many others, she had a day job, a house to clean and TV to watch. The new American life seemed like a bed of roses until the monotony brought in boredom. Prachi started going to Torpedo Art Center, where she learnt art, painting, ceramic and also perfumery. This was 2003-2005, until her first daughter was born. She had never thought Perfumery would end up defining her until 2012.


Life took a change and she moved to Hong Kong where she had her 2nd daughter soon after. Even though her hands were full with the two two girls to attend to, she found something amiss in life. Prachi decided to sign-up for an MBA and ended up studying at HKU and LBS. She didn’t take up a job but instead decided to help her husband set-up his company.


Eventually the family moved to Singapore and Prachi realised that she couldn’t stay at home anymore but found herself unfit for corporate jobs, because she didn’t want to start at the bottom and senior positions needed a constantly-evolving resume. So for practical reasons she set-up her first business, “Jetaime Perfumery”, which is now split into http://www.PerfurmeWorkshop.com and http://www.Singapore-Memories.com.


She initially wrote at least thousand emails to different agencies, travel agents, event managers, ministry etc. It’s painstaking but persistence pays off eventually. A few people replied to her emails and she got a chance to work with museums. (She has worked with SAM/National Museum/ IHC/ CHC etc). Some of the work is here- https://www.jetaime-singapore.com/10-perfume-party-jetaime-perfumery-and-workshop-and-perfume-shop.html

Museums gave her the much needed media attention. After museums, public sectors started trusting her work and finally revenue started coming in. This also gave her a chance to work with STB and move into Goodman Art Center, where she started conducting workshops.

The journey continued and currently the company is one of the most established team-building agency and perfumery in Singapore with an impressive corporate client list (http://www.perfumeworkshop.com/corporate-clients.html)


A few years ago she got an idea to create perfume-souviners (Orchid based perfumes) which is now sold in Art-Science museum/ Isetan/Tangs/ Megafash etc. Prachi and her team created this brand from scratch and even ended up acquiring an old and prestigious singapore perfume brand Perfumes of Singapore). They now manufacture Singapore girl perfume as well ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore_Girl_Perfume). They are proud to be part of https://www.designorchard.sg/ as an emerging brand that represents Singapore.


According to Prachi, all this happened because she decided to venture out, take the risk and found a way. Her journey has been fun, adventurous and absolutely enjoyable. She would ask anyone sitting at home and getting bored to try. Things will fail, sometimes miserably, but one has to try.

Prachi is our UTSAV CHANGE MAKER for her perseverance, grit and her innovative contributions to the community. She is a true change maker and we admire her passion and perseverance.

Prachi Saini

Founder/Director – Je t’aime Group

Member of ASA (Attractions Singapore)

Contact details: +65 91814871, prachisaini@gmail.com



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