Movie Review: For Simmba & his clap worthy dialogues

Like Simmba or not, with his latest release, director Rohit Shetty has kick started the (masala) super-hero franchise model in Bollywood. So as in Marvel’s Avengers, one whistle worthy moment follows another – as super cop Singham (Ajay Devgun) makes a grand entry to save the film’s protagonist Simmba (..and the film, from boredom). Soon after,  Shetty’s upcoming super cop sequel Sooryavanshi (Akshay Kumar) makes an entry. The stylish slow motion glimpses of the array of Bollywood superstars makes Simmba finish on a ‘one time watch’ note; strictly because it is holiday season and Bollywood has ‘Zero’ other decent movies to offer.


Review in brief

Simmba’s biggest weakness lies in the extra M ie masala in the middle! The first hour is a breezy, fun ride and perhaps the most engaging part of the film. Ranveer Singh is top draw as he stylishly let’s go one cheesy dialogue after another. The scenes between him and his subordinates – Siddhartha Jadhav and Ashutosh Rana – are amongst the highlights of the movie. Particularly funny is the sequence when he woos his lady-love (a decent Sara Ali Khan) by planting another road Romeo.

It is from there ie the (M for) middle of the movie that a staple 1980’s script starts.. and starts to bore. The drama unfolds in such a predictable and insensitive way there on that from the point you see the ‘behan’ material on-screen, you know she is going to be raped. Add to that, the incident is shown with such shoddy screenplay that you never really feel bad for the victim nor any anger towards the perpetrators. The only decent bit of message that the movie passes thereon is that all women in the family of perpetrators must stand up every time they see the men (in theirr family) violating any woman. Ironically, a story posing to give justice, respect and uplift to women. barely gives five scenes to the female lead.

After the boring middle hour of the movie, you are just happy at the clap worthy dialogues and the star parade at the end. Simmba, am told is not a patch on its original Telugu 2015 version – Temper .. and that is in tune with Rohit Shetty’s factory standards. Yet what is even more disappointing is that in every Shetty franchise, the quality dips sharply with every sequel. Clearly, Singham (first part – 2011) was the best and since then it’s been a gradual decline.  Golmaal to Golmaal 4 is a steady dip from funny to ridiculously crass.


Simmba belongs out-and-out to Ranveer Singh’s charisma, his well groomed looks, mannerisms and Rohit Shetty’s bank balance. Make no mistake, with lack of competition, this movie will rake in the moolah. One hour into the movie our protagonist rants out “Main policewala bana paisa kamaane ke liye, Robin Hood banke doosron ki madad karne ke liye nahi”. I heard that same dialogue as Rohit Shetty saying “Main Bollywood director bana paisa kamaane ke liye, meaningful cinema ya national award jeetne ke liye nahi”.

Best (cheesy) dialogues of Simmba:

  1. ‘Bhau, je mala maahit naahi te sanga. Tell me something I don’t know’..  (for the ridiculous ease and wicked smile with which Ranveer blurts this line every time)
  2. ‘Raah chalte ko chedta nahi, aur jo chedta hai, use main chodta nahi.’
  3. ‘Mohile tere ko maaloom hai chand pe paani aur baraf ka khoj ho gaya hai… [‘haan to?’… ] ‘Bas sirf daaru le jaane ki deeri hai..’
  4. ‘Main (jail se) baahar aake tujhe bataunga.’.. ‘Haan theek hai, baahar aake WhatsApp se bata dena’!
  5. ‘Main policewala bana paisa kamaane ke liye, Robin Hood banke doosron ki madad karne ke liye nahi’
  6. ‘Yeh kalyug hai, kalyug. Yahaan sab sirf ek hi matlab ke liye jeete hai, apne matlab ke liye.’
  7. ‘Tum dono mere bhai .. from another Aai.’
  8. ‘Mind eeeejjjj blowing.’

Rating: 2.5/5 

Watch it only for Ranveer Singh (2 stars out of 2.5 were only for him), few clap worthy lines, colourful dance sequences and fact that in this festive holiday season, you must ‘aankh maare’ a fun masala Bollywood movie with family and friends. It’s in our culture… we are so dramatic after all 🙂

– Avijit Das Patnaik

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