“No bake Mango yogurt cheesecake” (without Cheese)

“No bake Mango yogurt cheesecake” (without Cheese)



Prepare the base of the dessert by crushing a few digestive biscuits (8-9 nos). Add one spoon of warm butter and mix them well allowing it to set flat in the serving dish. Refrigerate it for about 10 minutes.

Peel, cut & blend about 2 big ripe mangoes.

To it add about 250gm of hung curd. 2-3 spoons of sugar can be added to the mixture if you like it sweeter (otherwise can be skipped), blend them all together.

Prepare a lump free mixture of agar-agar (vegetarian) or Gelatine (non- vegetarian) and add 3-4 spoons to the above blended mixture.


Pour the prepared mix to the biscuit base and refrigerate it for 2-3 hrs. Serve with small cut cubes of fresh ripe mangoes.

Enjoy the hot summers with this refreshing healthy dessert.




My love for jewellery, especially silver jewellery, & food goes hand in hand. Both of these give me the opportunity to explore my creative self.

“DEEP SECRETZ” was born out of one such passion. Passion to bring silver jewellery for all seasons at the “correct pricing”.

Cooking for my family & friends has always been a delight too. Mango season is here and we love to savour the king of fruits in every possible way. I would like to share my signature recipe of Mango yogurt cheese cake with you all.


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