Utsav Change Maker -Aarti Naidu

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

Giving back to the community comes easily to someone born into a family of social workers. Aarti Naidu was born in a family that fought for women’s rights. Her Great Grand Aunt Dr. Muthalakshmi Reddy was the first lady doctor in India and the first woman to study in a men’s college. She was also the first Female Legislator in India. Her Grand Mother was first Lady Deputy Mayor of Chennai.

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Aarti’s family is actively involved in the running of an orphanage, Avvai home and the Adyar Cancer Institute, both in Chennai. From a young age Aarti used to help her Grandmother in her social work. Even after marriage she continued to be involved in social work. When her husband was working in Tea Plantations in India, she used look after the company creches for the children of people working in the plantations and take care of children suffering from malnutrition.

Aarti moved to Singapore in 2001 which is the country where her maternal grandmother was born. Her maternal great grandparents came to Singapore in 1911, however during the Japanese war her grandmother moved back to India. Aarti’s first job in Singapore was to join the family business. In 2006 she took over an Ayurvedic clinic & parlour which was run by friends in upper Dickson road. In 2009 she won the Successful Entrepreneur of the year award given by GRC press holdings. In 2012 she decided to close down the business and now does it more as a hobby while working part time in a private company.

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Having the background so deeply involved with social work, Aarti always wanted to give something back to the community so she joined the Grassroots Organization. Aarti is a member of different Grassroots Organisations.

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She is the Chair Lady of the Mountbatten Integration and Naturalisation Champion and the member of the PA Integration council.

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She was invited for a women’s day talk at a mosque in recent times, where her valuable inputs were appreciated, and she has been invited to speak at yet another mosque.

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With her role, she plays an active part in giving back to the community. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of her family, says Aarti and owes her credit to her husband Suranjan and her 27 years old daughter Pooja.

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Aarti is our UTSAV CHANGE MAKER for her remarkable contributions to the community. She is a true change maker and we admire her zest for community service and social work.

Designation: Member of the PA Integration Council & Chair lady of Mountbatten INC

Contact details: +65 8330 2518



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