Movie Review: Judgementall hai kya is Kangana overdose in a neo-noir thriller

I don’t want to be judgemental about last weekend’s Bollywood release Judgementall Hai Kya (JHK) but with an average rating of 6.3/10 (IMDB) and 3.1/5 (across publication reviewers); this movie always looked (and is), at best, an experimental one time watch film, spurred upon by the curiosity generated by its leading lady. If not for Kangana and her dramatized pre-release histrionics, not many would have bothered to visit the theatres for JHK.

KRa > KJo

Two years ago, when KRa took on KJo (with charges of nepotism and favouritism), it seemed the small fish would get gobbled up by the shark. However, latest reports suggest KRa is the highest paying actress today, while KJo, the big shark of Bollywood, has had a string of unimpressive products to offer this year – Kesari, Kalank, Student of the Year 2. I haven’t watched either of them, but did take time out for JHK.


Kangana in excess

JHK has an overdose of Kangana. She, her colourful dresses and her eccentricity is present in around 80% of the scenes. It’s possible she had a big say in that aspect and was aiming for her fourth national award through JHK. Add to that, her ‘mental’ press conferences and the following ruckus the past thirty days; after further 116 mins today, I had so much of Kangana, that even her flashing cleavage in the end credits, didn’t interest me.

The Bachchan of Bollywood Women

However, if Bollywood has one female Bachchan, it’s only Kangana Ranaut. Her drunk monologues in Queen remind of Bachchan in Amar Akbar Anthony. Her random lies in JHK have parallels with Bachchan’s ‘Mukhtar Singh’ lies! Her obsession with a cockroach has shades of a Bachchan dialogue in Hum and his fly swatting act in Namak Halal. Her screen time matches with the peak Big B. The pre-release hype match too. A historical background movie (Manikarnika) followed by an experimental thriller JHK.. reminded me of Khuda Gawah follower by (in a few years), Aks.


The Weak Points

Yes, the film is so KRa heavy that RajKummar Rao is a side note, Amyra Dastur (reminds a lot of Jacqueline Fernandez) & Amrita Puri have guest appearances, Jimmy Sheirgill has the guest of guest appearances and the first half refreshing scenes with Satish Kaushik & Brijendra Kala are quickly taken away. The movie does have an engaging first half, the build-up to the crime scene and the music throughout. What’s thumbs down is the second half which has too much experimentation, randomness and convenient logics. The ‘Sita going after Raavan’ was a good thought that was neither well built nor executed.

The Positives

Aside Kangana and the limited suspense portions; it’s the laughs, the Sriram Raghavan touch with 70s Bollywood, messages on domestic violence and a fresh attempt at visual delight that form the other positives of the movie. For keen observers, the messages held by the person on the street and on one of the character’s Tshirts are engaging too. With captions like ‘Ma Da Fa Ka’, ‘Yeh Bik Gayi Gormint’ and ‘GST Good Sex Tonight’!

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Judgementall Hai Kya has been shot in the cities of London and Mumbai, If you wish to visit these places or anywhere in Asia, Europe, Australia & North Africa, contact us!

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