VOICES OF DIGITAL GEN – 5 Trends to watch for this season 

Its festive time again and its time to explore what is trending to look and feel your best with the 5  top fashion statements.

Source peachmode.com

Photo Credit – Source peachmode.com

Weaves are the best embellishment

It is one of those years when Indian designers are breaking free from the shackles of  trends in New York or Paris and redefining their own statements.

It has been very heartening to see the traditional weaves make a big comeback with almost each designer integrating and nuancing their collections where different weaves are the main embellishment in their pret and couture lines.  May it be Sabyasachi or Shruti Sencheti

So, Ladies it’s time to pull out your Kanjeevarams, Benaras silks, Patolas and chanderis.

Wear them with aplomb with blouses that are traditional for a classic look or blouses with funky cuts just to experiment and make your own statement look.

Understated and Dignified

This season the colors to watch for are the ‘Pastels’. Pale Pink, Ivory, silvers, greys and      champagnes are the colors that are standing out in every designer’s collection.  The mantra everywhere today is – I am beautiful but I am not screaming for attention.  And this sentiment is resonated in almost showcased collections including Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahliani, Anushree Reddy to name just a few.

Feminine and Floral 

Anita Dongre - Lakme Fashion Week. Source Vouge.in

Photo Credit – Anita Dongre – Lakme Fashion Week. Source Vogue

Combining the mood that is light and cheerful, florals have made a big statement in the otherwise understated look. May it be in prints or in embellishments. Flowers are everywhere. Blossoming flowers give a sense that something special is coming. Make your grand entrance cladded in florals and spread the feeling of wellbeing and happiness everywhere you go. This season is the perfect time to bring out your Parsi Garas, Lakhnavis and floral chintz printed sarees.  Mix and match them with embellished blouses and make a personal statement giving it a look that is uniquely you.

Asymmetry is the new straight

When wearing your Indian suits or dresses find your fashion balance in uneven hems. The flowy silhouettes, the hanky hems – Get the eyeballs with embracing the non-conventional.  Look breezy and beautiful in dresses that flow. Experiment with dresses that go high and low. It is time to have fun and say I am done with everything that is straight.

Fabulous in Flares

Bring your Nostalgia back with flared hems as the old is the new trend now.  May it be a Ghagra, a suit or a skirt the more it flares the more fashionable it is. The exaggerated flares have done a comeback in a big way.  But despair not! You don’t have to get yourself a brand-new outfit just to be trendy.  Give a new life to your existing Anarkalis and Lehangas just by adding a can-can skirt.  And Lo! you are completely in sync with the new. After all, if old is the current new, why not make your old also new with this simple add on.

I hope you enjoyed the trends. Watch out for more trend news that is coming your way in the next news buzz.


rashmiRashmi Gogna 

Rashmi is a veteran Fashion Professional with extensive experience spanning Singapore, Indonesia and India. She is the founder and chief designer of a highly successful women’s label – Pure Earth that operated across Southeast Asia and India, catering to ethically conscious fashion forward audience.

Rashmi is currently involved in offering mentorship for Fashion Start-ups, and conducting talks and workshops in various different forums on business of Fashion. She also organizes events in keeping with brand philosophy of upcoming fashion businesses.


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