Netflix Series: 10 best Indian web-series productions to watch on Netflix

The Cricket World Cup is now over, there is no IPL or any big festival in the coming weeks either. All of which points to this being the right time to do some binge-watching. It’s said that in modern times, the average viewer spends more time on ‘deciding what to watch’, than on actual watching. So as to help readers decide faster, here’s my list of best Indian Web Series to watch on Netflix.

10. Ghoul


A young Muslim interrogator, extremely loyal to a right-wing authoritarian state, is taken to an underground eerie military detention centre to interrogate a dreaded terrorist. The tables get turned subsequently as this extremely dark web series takes a super-natural horror turn. This short three episode series seemed a subtle mock and ridiculous extrapolation of the current (and ragingly popular) Narendra Modi government of India. Another recently released series Leila also seemed to have done the same job – in both cases extremist Hindu rulers shown to have zero tolerance for anything they perceive as un-Hindu. The freedom of expression bit aside, that the makers have scant respect of history or legacy of Hinduism or rather, that the world’s largest democracy still stands the worlds most secular republic left me with a low taste for this series. Else, a product involving Anurag Kashyap (my one time favourite director), Vikramaditya Motwane, Radhika Apte and Manav Kaul has to be sheer quality. Ghoul indeed has a lot of jaw dropping and edgy content worth binge-viewing.
Genre: horror, supernatural
Ideal Audience: adults

IMDB Viewers Rating: 7.2/10

9. Khotey Sikkey


Produced by Yash Raj Films, This crime-solving web series is more a Karan Johar version of Crime Patrol or Savdhaan India – popular crime television series. Five affluent youths team up with a cop to solve criminal cases and while some of the episodes are a good watch, most of the other content is focused on the designer clothes, shades and slow-motion movements of our protagonists.  My teen daughter likes the series and now you know why! The cast is impressive on style – especially Hasan Zaidi, Puru Chibber and Sukhmani Sadana – and Vikas Kumar on performance.
Genre: crime thriller
Ideal Audience: teens, new generation audiences

IMDB Viewers Rating: 7.1/10

8. Raja, Rasoi aur anya Kahaniyaan


Raja, Rasoi and anya Kahaniyan has to be the best docu-series I ever saw on food and history of cuisines. This one is a must watch for all foodies. The stories it narrates about the creation of chaat to the importance of dahlia in India’s rich food legacy, are all massive treats. When the first episode takes you to the chulha and the rubbing of baati in coal ash, you know this is a series worth paying attention.

Genre: Food, History, Documentary
Ideal Audience: Adults with curiosity and knowledge

IMDB Viewers Rating: 8.3/10

7. Cricket Fever

Even an outsider who has visited India once would have quickly deciphered, that this is a land of food, Bollywood and Cricket! That India is (almost) the home of cricket and hosts the best organized, grand, annual sports festival – the Indian Premier League (IPL) – makes it pertinent that cricket has a sizable presence in Indian productions in Netflix too. Cricket Fever is an inside view of all happenings behind the dressing room curtains of the Mumbai Indians franchise. This one is a must for cricket fans and has surprises even for the ardent sports fans too. How coach Mahela Jayawardene calls the shots in a sport, not many from the outside, perceive it to be influenced by a coach, is an eye-opener. Cricketer Ishan Kishan’s struggles with fame and form, form some brilliant parts of the series. However, it’s Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah’s backgrounds that linger in the mind longer, aside from the palatial house of the owner Ambanis.
Genre: sports, cricket, documentary, inside dressing rooms
Ideal Audience: cricket fans, anyone who loves sports with some depth
IMDB Viewers Rating: 7.1/10

6. Powder


Powder is India’s drug battle answer to Narcos with realism being its strength. This is not a Hollywood production to have the glamour and gloss, nor a masala Bollywood version. Powder is 26 episodes dedicated to catching a drug smuggler who has ordinary lifestyle and makes calls from STD phone booths. The series stresses more on the challenges the various government agencies (NCB, DRI and local police) face and the red tape amongst each other. Whilst the three departments are constantly bickering about the boundaries each of them should stay within, the drub mafia operates smoothly with such efficiency that even basic links are difficult to decode. Manish Choudhary, Rahul Bagga, Geetika Tyagi, Gaurav Sharma and Maneesh Verma are in fine form despite the presence of power-house actor Pankaj Tripathi. Two actors who stand out despite quality all around are Rasika Dugal and Amitosh Nagpal. Their scenes are terrific.
Genre: crime, thriller
Ideal Audience: teens and adults who seek quality tv

IMDB Viewers Rating: 8.6/10

5. Little Things


Little things is about an urban live-in couple who strive to meet their self-expectations and follow their passions, at the same time. Quickly they realize, in this cut ]-throat competitive society, it is not easy to do both and stay happy, at the same time. What dawns upon them are the ‘little things’ of life that give them more pleasure…whether its the biriyani sent to the office by the partner, the early morning ride to eat corn bhajias from the old lady selling at a highway stall, smiling with friends and family. Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar are in top form and this is one series every youth will connect well.
Genre: drama, love, emotion, nostalgia
Ideal Audience: teens, adults

IMDB Viewers Rating: 8.3/10

4. Selection Day


It’s no surprise that seasoned actor Rajesh Tambe features in two web series of my top four list. A hard taskmaster father who is ready to break every civil and human rule to push his talented sons into the world of cricket, Selection Day is more of a teenage story about dreams, reality and realization. While the father is willing to be a servant to a rich puppy to fund his sons’ evident talent, the sons have their own individual struggles about life choices, obstacles and friendships. The web series has captured the Mumbai base cricket scene very well and good performances have lifted the overall product.
Genre: sports, cricket, drama
Ideal Audience: teens, adults, cricket fans, anyone who loves sports with some depth

IMDB Viewers Rating: 7.3/10

3. Delhi Crime


Delhi Crime is based on the infamous Nirbhaya rape incident that took place in India’s capital city of Delhi, back in 2012. This brutality of the incident got so much international coverage that Delhi, and at times India, is referred to (very unfairly) as the rape capital of the world. Delhi Crime is a series that details the pressure the police bore with the need to crack the case in a matter of days. Amidst political instability, ever hounding media, an acutely suffering girl, public protests and a system constrained by red tape, the police do an admirable role in nabbing four rapists in a country of 1.3 billion people. Shefali Shah is top draw (easily her best performance to date), Rajesh Tambe and Rasika Dugal shine in an extremely dark and disturbing series. Must watch for the fact that even amongst the mess and complexity called India, people do stand up. Which is a reason why India makes better and more efficient employees. I wish the series focused a bit more on the background of the victim for the audience to connect to the victim more. You watch this series more from the Police’s eyes than the victim or her family’s eyes.
Genre: crime, thriller, real story
Ideal Audience: teens and adults who seek quality tv

IMDB Viewers Rating: 8.6/10

2. Yeh Meri Family


Yeh Meri Family is easily the best family series I watched on Netflix. Specially for Indians, it takes us back to the 1990s small cities…Jaipur to be exact. This cute drama underlines on the little things that made our lives back then. The kids’ summer vacation and their challenges – having to study the whole day as the house gets painted, missing their friends and manipulating own siblings. The second half of season one focuses on the senior child needing to leave home to stay in a hostel, and study, in another city. After staying at home since birth under the loving care of parents, the separation and walk into the challenging world, is always a milestone in every family. The opening credits is the cutest and best I ever saw for any series or movie. Mona Singh, in performance, is out of the world. Absolute gold product.

Genre: drama, love, emotion, nostalgia
Ideal Audience: everyone

IMDB Viewers Rating: 9.4/10

1. Sacred Games


If there is one Indian web series everyone is awaiting its sequel, it is Sacred Games. I have already detailed season one in a separate blog so I won’t repeat myself here. It is clearly the best Netflix product to come out of Bollywood and is India’s answer to Narcos. Must watch, always.
Genre: crime, thriller
Ideal Audience: adults who seek quality TV and intensity

IMDB Viewers Rating: 8.9/10

Enjoy… and get the popcorn / puffed rice jars on! 


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