Daadi Maa ke Nushke – Tamarind leaves

Daadi Maa ke Nushke – Tamarind leaves

tamarind l

One plant with myriad benefits, the fruit pulp of tamarind is a common find in Indian kitchens to add the classic sourness to the culinary dishes. The fruit, bark and leaves each offer numerous benefits. The leaves have multiple other health benefits besides just the sourness they offer in the cooking. Fresh tamarind leaves are generally available in the spring season and are known to contain fibre, Potassium, iron and Calcium. The leaves can be sun dried to increase their shelf life and usage. The benefits of tamarind leaves are versatile, contributing as much to medicine as they do to cuisines. 

  • Cures Jaundice and Diabetes -A concoction of tamarind leaves not only helps control the level of blood sugar in the body but also increases insulin sensitivity. Tamarind leaves have also been seen to cure jaundice.
  • Heals wounds – A tamarind leaf extract which can be prepared by soaking the leaves in water can be used as an antiseptic for healing wounds and skin infections.
  • Relief from cold, cough, sore throat – Tamarind tea can help in relieving cold, cough and sore throat. Just boil some finely chopped leaves in water, add honey and a squeeze of lime and drink up to feel better instantly.
  • Cures scurvy – Tamarind has high ascorbic level acid content that mitigate scurvy.
  • Improves lactation – The quality of breast milk is improved when a lactating mother consumes tamarind leaves extracts.
  • Relief from malaria – Tamarind leaves extract inhibit the growth of plasmodium falciparum thus providing relief from malaria
  • Inhibits genital infections – Tamarind leaf extracts stop genital infections and also provide relief from its symptoms.
  • Relief from menstrual cramps – The juice of tamarind leaves can help in relieving menstrual cramps. Consume a teaspoon of it along with water to feel better.
  • Storehouse for Vitamin C – The leaves are rich in ascorbic acid, Vitamin C and tartaric acid that help in building your immunity naturally.
  • Anti-inflammatory -Tamarind leaves are very effective in easing joint pain and swelling because of their anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Oral health & toothache – Two of the most common oral problems faced by people are bad breath and tooth ache. Tamarind leaves are an ideal treatment for both these oral problems.
  • Relief from hypertension – The potassium in tamarind may be responsible for a reduction in blood pressure since it is known as a vasodilator that reduces the stress on the cardiovascular system.

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