CHIT YA PATT is a Hindi remake of a very successful, introspective Marathi play, Chappa Kata. Written by Iravati Karnik, its very first hindi avatar is being staged in Singapore, starring internationally acclaimed actor Shishir Sharma. He teams up with well known local talents, Renita Kapoor, Gautam Marathe and Rachna Anand. Directed by Sangeeta Nambiar, the production will be staged at the Blackbox, Goodman Arts Centre on 6, 7 and 8 February 2020.


CHIT YA PATT is an interesting story of hope, duty, love and sacrifice. The characters are kept real at all times and the story pivots around a debate of whether children are duty bound to look after their ageing parents while sacrificing their own future. The beauty of the story is that it is told from the perspective of 2 strong women, both of whom love each other and yet are able to see the other’s faults. These strong willed women steer the story towards a happy ending. The 2 men in the story lend their support to the women’s journeys, using it as wonderful moments of forging relationships and understanding their own selves.


The cast and crew have had a fantastic 3 months leading up to the staging. From trepidation at working with an international star to nights of crunching on plates of fried makhana to having whatsapp video rehearsals to hilarious rehearsal bloopers, Chit Ya Patt promises the complete entertainment package!


The play has had over 350 successful stagings in India, with luminaries like Shreeram Gadgil, Reema lagoo and Mukta Barve. In the Hindi staging, Shishir Sharma, as always, brings a highly nuanced and powerful character alive on stage. Audience should watch out for his intricate monologue as he speaks to the photograph of his dead friend. Shishir Sharma has been greatly admired by the Indian Press and his contemporaries, with noted Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah calling his performance in Talwar, “Authoritative.” Renita Kapoor as Maitreyi and Rachna Anand as Uttara give layered performances while Gautam Marathe as Aseem does full justice to his multifaceted character.


Produced by Noor Productions and Play Acting Drama Centre, the play promises a new standard of theatre in Singapore – one that is subtle yet complex with enduring and unforgettable characters who will stay in the memory of the audience for a very long time.

The play has been brought to the stage by GFC (Global Financial Consultants) and supported by Multiple Win Solutions, Physio Asia Therapy Centre, Fireflies Entertainment with Utsav as our Digital Media Partner. The tickets can be bought at:



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