One mineral you want to get right always, from childhood through elder years!

From being in the womb to enjoying your retirement, this one mineral is incredibly vital to our overall health. Especially important for adolescents who are building bones rapidly.

Teens are growing fast and gaining height so their Calcium needs are also high. However, invariably they are most deprived because they switch from milk to non-dairy beverages (e.g. coke, ice-teas etc) and munch a lot of salty foods (e.g. chips, fries, pizza etc). Caffeine and soda leads to calcium loss from the body. Comfort-foods (high in sodium) is the other robber of calcium. Read here to know more.

  • Milk, yogurt, cheese, cabbage, mustard (Sarson) leaves, broccoli, almonds, ladyfinger are all high in Calcium.
  • If the child eats lots of comfort-food, then consuming Potassium (banana, spinach, cucumber, peas, sweet potato) will save Calcium from being robbed from the bones. Read here to know more.
  • Calcium always works together with Vitamin-D and Magnesium so food high in these is necessary (e.g. dairy, whole grains, nuts, greens)

99% of the Calcium is stored in Bones and Teeth. If calcium is needed elsewhere, it is taken from the Bones. Hence it becomes imperative to keep 100% stock of calcium and consume everyday. The more bones will lend calcium, the more weak they will become. It is said that Osteoporosis is a disease that manifests in old age but begins in early years.

We only build bones until mid-20s and hence it becomes crucial to build strong bones and teeth to last us a lifetime.

This blog post first appeared at Iyurved, a food portal where tradition meets science to help you with daily nutrition.

About the author

Vandita Tewari Kapoor

Baking Addict, Impulsive Cook, Ingredient fanatic, Food photographer

As a wife and mum to constantly-hungry three boys, I had no option but to endlessly test and prepare ‘comfort-food’ substitutes with nutritious ingredients and unbeatable taste. ‘IYURVED’ is my attempt to provide my kids and others with food choices that can change the way one eats and not what one eats. Taste should never be compromised. Food is important in our household. Our emotions are driven by it. However, making subtle changes in the ingredients we use will go a long way in not only keeping us healthy but also very young.

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