Kitchen Konnections – The Vegetarian Christmas Dinner


For the dough:

All Purpose Flour- 2 Cups

Butter- 1 Cup

Baking powder-1/4 tsp

Chilled water- As required

For the filling:

Broccoli- 1 small

Pumpkin- 1 cup

Onion- 1 small

Garlic- 3-4 cloves

Olive oil- 2 tbsp

Milk -1 cup

Water- 1 cup

Salt to taste

Pepper-2 tsp

Chilli flakes- 2 tbsp

Mixed Herbs- 2 tsp

Cheddar cheese- 1/2 cup

For the paste:

Paneer- 1 cup

Cheddar cheese- 1/2 cup

Milk- 1/2 cup

Method-Click on the link for a detailed video.

Gayatri Giri

I am currently a full-time Homemaker due to our recent move to Doha, Qatar from Singapore and soon followed by the Covid-19 restrictions . I have tried to make the most of this challenging time by rediscovering my passion and talents. Cooking was always my first love and now this love has blossomed into creating, curating and presenting my work in the most unique and special way. I also believe that happiness is a personal choice and one must not let any opportunity slip to grab and hold the moments that make you happy. I made sure that my boys were constantly involved and busy during this phase and each of us contributed to keep the family excited and positive.

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