Lifestyle prescriptions

2020 was a year of survival and 2021 started with being a year of hope. It’s no news that the world and each of us have been waiting for the ultimate show stopper, which is the vaccine. And hopefully this will be the endgame for the viral outbreak.

We got introduced to the deadly Coronavirus; which was neither covered by any insurance nor came with a vaccine cure. But, now that 2021 has brought the vaccine and with all new insurance policies covering Covid-19, its critical to highlight, what kept us going all of the last year was — immunity and putting in conscious efforts to eat and stay healthy.

The trust and limelight ‘Dadimaa ke nuskhe’ and ‘Grandmama’s kaadha’ gained was for real and must not take a backseat with the vaccines being introduced. And as cliched as it sounds, we must continue to put in that extra effort to maintain healthier lifestyles.

Peter Thiel in his book Zero to one said, “In exchange for better insurance contracts, we seem to have given up the search for secrets about longevity”. With the world getting back to normal, let us not switch to eating and living unhealthy in exchange for the vaccine.

We have all learnt that we need to keep our immune system functioning at peak performance. Just as we don’t wait for our physician to tell us to stop smoking, we don’t have to wait to start eating healthier. Its rather surprising Why did we have to wait for our doctors to ask us to maintain hygiene and not cough/ sneeze on each other’s face?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But for the pleasure of our own sense organs, we have come to believe — A doctor a day and let’s keep the apples away. That’s just another way to look at it. Why eat plants if pills can do the job? Can’t we eat whatever we want and simply take medicines when we begin having health problems? For too many of us, this seems to be the prevailing mind-set. With this, we’re actually living fewer healthy years now than we once did. In other words, we’re choosing to live longer, but sicker.

Example — instead of trying to prevent someone with high cholesterol suffering from heart attack, why not help prevent him or her from getting high cholesterol in the first place? So, in a way, heart disease can be stopped not only in a hospital but right in our supermarkets, kitchens and dining rooms. Of course, it’s up to each of us to make our own decisions as to what to eat and how to live, but shouldn’t we try to make these choices consciously by educating ourselves about the predictable consequences of our actions?

Everything is a direct result of our lifestyle choices. Just as Johnie Walker is no substitute for actual walking, pills and vaccine should not be substituted for healthy food. And Popeye was probably right when he bragged that he was strong because he ate spinach.

Bon appétit 🙂


An Industrial Designer by qualification, Nidhi is an avid writer who has been brought up in Raipur, India. Marriage brought her to Mumbai and after setting up her own company and a brief stint in a hospitality startup, she relocated to Singapore with her husband in late 2019. She loves experimenting and has a free spirit. She believes writing is the best form of expression and her work has been published in leading Indian dailies.

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