Pregnancy and Delivery in Singapore

Newborn Essentials 2020, Baby Must Haves.

What the Video is about?

·         Newborn Baby Essentials

·         Baby Shopping List

·         Baby Product Reviews

·         From Bath, Toiletries, Grooming, Swaddle, Diapers & Much More!

·         Complete list of things you need to gear up with for the most-awaited arrival of your life

Nautanki Mom

My name is Divya and I am a desi mom blogger residing in Singapore. I love making unique content videos about simple things in life, laid back parenting, storytelling, astronomy, motivation, and some randomness.

I upload fresh content on YouTube EVERY WEEK which either brings a smile on your face, makes you go back in time with nostalgia, instills believe in yourself, value little things in life and share my life experience of Singapore.

I recently gave birth during corona times in April 2020. I have 2 kids and they are a handful, so I mostly make videos impromptu without a script! I enjoy being real in front of the camera and sharing my real experiences to help many like myself out there.

You can follow me on Instagram for daily UPDATES. My handle is nautanki_mom

Thanks for watching my videos, if you like what you see then subscribe to my channel.

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