VOICES OF DIGITAL GEN -The dancing flames

I was lost in my thoughts,

Not knowing what to do,

Screaming echoed all around me,

As the fire blazed on.

I was in pain, crying desperately,

Everywhere I looked, people were hurrying off.

I saw the flames dancing around me,

Before I took a deep breath and plunged into darkness

I was breathing heavily as I heard raindrops falling around me,

Would the fire be put out by the rain?

Or would it all get worse?

I felt hot from the fire and cold from the rain,

Blood oozed out from my leg and trickled down my face.

This was the end, or so I thought.

Written by Anika Sharma

My name is Anika. I am 11 years old. I love writing fiction stories. My hobby is to swim and wave board! I study at TKPS.

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