Movie Review: Ek Mini Katha is a major laughathon on size does not matter!

Debutant director Karthik Rapolu’s Ek Mini Katha, (Telugu; One small story) released on Amazon Prime, is a rip-roaring family (13+ preferably) comedy-drama. It follows the story of Santosh who suffers from a belief that his organ is small. The thought haunting him from back in his school days, when at the urinal his friend peeped in and made this big discovery on behalf of Santosh. Ek Mini Katha is from the same stable of light comedy films on taboo subjects such as Ayushmann Khurrana’s Shubh Mangal Savdhan.


Cut to the present, and while trying all possible solutions – ranging from taking pills, herbs, watching porn etc – to rectify his only problem, Santosh finds himself in a fresh one – his father concludes that Santosh has become a sex addict. ‘When has any dad ever understood his child’s problem correctly?’ he sighs.

The father decides to get Santosh married off. The latest problem – Santosh’s fiancé works at Big event management company, shops at Big Bazaar, online browses at Big Fashion site, admires Big B, watches Big Boss, loves Big Bang theory – in short, Amrutha likes all things ‘big’ and doesn’t like anything ‘small’!! From here on starts Santosh’s struggles to either delay the marriage or look for a quick fix solution.

Engaging and Funny

I watched this movie twice in a day, the second time with the full family and liked just as much. Despite unfamiliarity with the language, my kids fell from laughter many times – the surgery clinic scenes, the shoplifting scene, the frustrated lover wanting to suicide scenes, the epic railway platform scene and more. Movies such as these will become a rarity as times go on, as some section of the crowd, some political party or priest will feel offended with such stories, and raise protests, as the world races towards becoming dumb and dumber. Remember, the epic FRIENDS sitcom could never be a hit in modern times, without one fourth of the world ‘getting offended’!!

Top performances, choreography & cinematography

The performances are very good, from the lead actors – Santosh Soban and Kavya Dhar – and the supporting cast – especially Sudharshan and Saptaghiri. Each of the aforementioned names stands out and stay with you, much after the movie is over. Except for the last song, all other songs are timely and the choreography is super excellent. The streets and alleys of the rapidly progressing Hyderabad has been showcased, just as impressive as Houston. If you haven’t been to Hyderabad recently, you will be surprised by the views. All in all, a great watch!

Rating: 4.5/5

On topic of online trolling and mobs getting offended at anything

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